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The magic of essences signed ‘Laura’

On these pages, we are finding why staying at Eitch means “living within History” plunged into the ‘Great Beauty’. From the two great rivals’, Borromini e Bernini, Baroque and the Art inside the historical Mansion that hosts us, all round us and even below us in the underground Navona to the journey through Rome’s and not only flavours which our gastronomy master proposes. A truly unique experience – for the spirit, the soul, the heart, but also for all five senses. Including that of fragrances, qhich we are now going to discover.

The Lady of Perfumes
From the rooms to the common areas, for Eitch Borromini’s environments we chose the velvety, intense and memorable touch of Ebony. Created by Laura Bosetti Tonatto, the most renowned “nose” in the world, who since 1986 turns impressions into fragrances and fragrances into masterpieces – including the perfumes collection for Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II.
Masterpices sometimes linked to otehr masterpieces. As the essences created for (and coupled with) Caravaggio’s paintings in the show at the Ermitage,.or for some of the artworks exhibited at the Vatican Museums – going to “decipher” the perfumes of eras, stories and emtions told or suggested by Art.
Fragrances able also to restore distant memories – as the Syrian Water, from the first century B.C., which Laura managed to re-create for the National Museum of Oriental Art in Rome, or as the Leonardo’s Lavender, whose recipe was hidden between the lines of the Atlantic Code (Codex Atlanticus, the largest collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and writings.
A lot of research and study, which in fact sees Laura – and for over 30 years – dedicated aldo to teaching and to the degree theses of her students. And a lot of recognitions, including the ones from the homeland of perfumery: France. That, through its Academy in Rome, first dedicates an entire day to her art and then, at Grasse – the City of perfumes, nominated in 2019 as UNESCO intangible culturale heritage – calls her as the guest of honor.

The historic Boutique
The fragrance colection is located a stone’s throw from Eitch Borromini, in Via dei Coronari 57 – according to CNN Travel and Architectural Digest, one of the most beautiful streets in the world, which goes from near Navona Square to Sant’Angelo Bridge. Born as the straightest and fastest way for pilgrims to reach Saint Peter, thus become over time a street of sacred objects first and of antiques then. Plenty of Renaissance buildings, including Raffaello Sanzio’s home. And in which, with the original colours, Middle Ages of alleys meet Renaissance of houses – many of which with Latin mottos - and the Baroque of doors, balconies and sacred aedicules. Including the oldest one, from 1523, named “Bridge Image”. Laura strongly wanted this space, where lovers could discover the History of perfumes and travel through fragrances in time and emotions. Created starting from personally selected materials and treated by hand, one by one. With no dyes , mineral oils or tests on animals. In fact, the 62 fragrances of ‘Essentially Laura’ collection – divided into the Classification oficielle des parfums de l’Osmothèque de Versailles olfactory families – are created according to the rules of the International Fragrance Association, the international reference for materials quality as well as health and environment protection.
The chosen essence for our envoronments - “Ebony” – belongs to Chypre-Fleuri olfactory family, with musk and vanilla as dominants notes. Promising you, also in this way, an unforgettable stay.

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