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Some of Rome’s best wines

In the previous article we talked about authentic Roma cuisine and its little secrets. Now - partly to better understand the right combinations, partly to appreciate even more the selection that Eitch Borromini offers its guests - let’s discover the wines. Because Bacchus’ gift had been present on these lands since the 5th century B.C.E., when “the boot” was called ‘Enotria’ (Land of Wine).
So let’s look at some of those from Rome and its Region, Lazio – together with Sicily and Campania, one of the three oldest in production, who learn the art of winemaking from Etruscans, Greeks and Carthaginians.

The fantastic eight
We start with the most prestigious, made by the ‘Casale del Giglio’ winery: Mater Matuta, a great red born from the mixture of Shiraz and Petit Verdot varieties, matured for two years in barrique and aged for another year in bottle. Next, definitely the Radix – a white wine made with the ancient Bellone grape variety, that Roman farmers ate with bread and that today is the right company for seafood dishes.
Among the oldest, certainly the Aleatico of Gradoli and the Est!Est!Est! of Montefiascone. The first one, a black grape wine grown in the Viterbo district, tending towards sweet and therefore excellent for desserts. The second one - white and, according to legend, (three times) good said in Latin – is obtained from Tuscan grapes Trebbiano, Roscetto and white Malvasia. And i twill satisfactorily complete fish and white meats, vegetablese and above all the spaghetti Cheese and Black Pepper.
The Montiano instead, fruit of pure Merlot grapes, is a deep ruby red. Made by the family winery Cotarella, it’s one of the best companions for red meats but also for fried foods. While, from the hills of the Roman Castles and from the ‘Omina Romana’ winery, you will have white wines of great character as the Chardonnay or the best Cabernet Franc from Italy selected Ars Magna.
Lastly, the Biancolella of Ponza and the Cesanese of Piglio. The Biancolella of the ‘Migliaccio’ Ancient Cellars, white, is produced in only fifteen hundred bottles from pure native grapes from the vineyards of Punta Fieno on the island of Ponza. Excellent with fish, shellfish and grilled vegetables, but also with seafood pasta and risottos. The Cesanese instead – red with black berries, spicy and intense – will crown the seasoned cured meats, the first courses wth meat sauces, the second course of meat and all the main dishes of traditional Roman cuisine described on these pages.

All that remains is to prepare your stay at Eitch Borromini, ready to explore Roman and Italian flavors from the restaurant of our Art Gallery, ‘Borromini Terrace’, or from the best trattorias around us. Ready for the Roman toast? Prosit (cheers)! - Vobis quoque (to you too)!

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