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One of the first monuments that tourists staying at the Eitch Borromini decide to visit is the famous Pantheon, reachable by crossing the square with a path of just five minutes from the Eitch.Pantheon In ancient Greek it means the temple of all the gods, while in the classical Latin langua...

From the windows of some of our rooms you can admire the entrance without even going down the street. But if you want to know the history of Palazzo Madama, before admiring the exterior, we will start from the year of the Lord 1478. This is the year in which the land on which this building was bu...

In the Roman capital it is considered a sort of sacred place and, in fact, it is difficult to think otherwise in front of the oldest market ever. We are talking about Campo de 'Fiori, whose history, however, is much more complicated than one might think. To reach it from the Eitch, just leave the...

A sort of homage to the emperor Hadrian, who was practically honored as a god following his death. We are talking about the wonderful Time of Hadrian, also known as Hadrian's Temple: it is an ancient Roman temple that was built inside Campo Marzio in Rome. Nowadays, we still have the opportunity...

It is one of the most beautiful works created by Borromini and, in fact, is rightly considered as a true masterpiece, as well as a direct testimony of Baroque architecture. We are referring to the Church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. It is a famous place of worship which is located in the ca...

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