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The Church of Santa Maria dell’Anima

In case you have a passion for visiting the most beautiful churches in the big cities, then you will undoubtedly be fascinated by what Santa Maria dell’Anima can offer. It is a structure that was erected during the fourteenth century, having the role of the oratory of the German hospice, but over the years it has become the national church of the German community in that of Rome.

The consecration of this church of fourteenth-century origin, despite being restored during the Jubilee year, or 1500, took place only in 1542. The goal was to create a church that could resume a bit the style of those so widespread in the northernmost part of the Old Continent. A Gothic spirit which, after the reconstruction, has however remained somewhat, especially in reference to the height that characterizes the various pillars that support the four bays, as well as for the style and shape of the bell tower, but also for the remarkable depth that distinguishes the eight chapels placed laterally.

The works that are inside

• Among the various works that are kept in this church we find a painting called "Sacred conversation with Saints Mark and James": an altarpiece that was made by Giulio Romano, in which you can see a Madonna with the child speaking with Saints James and Mark. Initially, this altarpiece was painted specifically for the chapel that the client Jacob Fugger had requested to house his deceased relatives. At the end of the seventeenth century it was moved to prevent it from being ruined due to the flooding of the Tiber.
• The funeral monument of Pope Adrian VI, which was built with a notable contribution from Baldassarre Peruzzi.
• The Chapel of the Margraves of Brandenburg, requested by Cardinal Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg, who was archbishop of Magdeburg and one of Luther's main enemies.

Are you thinking of organizing a nice trip to Rome and discovering, among the various works, also those present in the Church of Santa Maria dell’Anima? Rome, like any other city hit by the pandemic, experiences all the difficulties of this situation, yet in this period those who visit the Eternal City have the opportunity to enjoy it in a different way, without the usual mass tourism, which conditions a little. the discovery and the visit. If you are passionate about art, then the perfect solution to stay corresponds to the Eitch Borromini represents a perfect base. In fact, the Collegio Innocenziano, or the Historic Residence where the Eitch is located, which houses refined suites and rooms equipped with every comfort, has beautiful frescoes dating back to the seventeenth century, is a perfect solution for those who cannot do without. to have contact with art at any time of the day.

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