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Sea, Rome and Italy flavors

The Terrace of Eitch offers, actually, three panoramas: the first one, of Rome – from Pantheon’s to Saint Peter’s Dome; the second, of Italian Baroque – starting with Borromini’s and Bernini’s masterpieces; the third, of gastronomy. In this case, Sicilian, Roman and Italian one. And with a “double luxury”: savoring the art of our Chef in the environment of a magnificent architectural seventeenth-century work and doing it at more than reasonable prices.

In our Restaurant “Terrace Borromini”, next to the Art Gallery of the mansion, Chef Francesco Grasso proposes an encounter between flavors. Through, for instance, a selection of the best national cured meats and cheeses, some important freebies to Tuscan food – especially as meat cuisine – and a strong Roman presence in pasta dishes while fish, seafood, crustaceans, some side dishes and main desserts evoke flavors of Sicily - Chef’s home. Of course, with the utmost care for ingredients’ seasonality and quality – thus with a continually renewed Menù.

As the lights and the colours of the Eternal City. Because eating at our Restaurant, nestled between the Dome and the Bell Tower of Sant’Agnese in Agone Church, means doing it in a Mansion built by Borromini, enriched by the frescoes of Bernini, the gaze on Navona Square, Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza Dome and beyond. Beyond the rivalry between the two, that we have told on these pages, on a Beauty therefore different each season or time of the day. (And, speaking of times of the day: from April to October, cooking is extended to the Roof Top set up for aperitifs and after dinners - with a large Wine list and a wide range of cocktails.)

Thanks to its Greek, Arab and Norman heritage, and to its ingredients of local or very distant origin, Sicilian cuisine is a true journey through cultures. Rich, varied and definitely unique, at the point of finding some of its specialties only on the island and only in certain of its cities. While the Roman cuisine, simple and even poor yet delicious, always remained tied to the agro-pastoral world inside and outside the City. But getting richer, since the time of the Roman Empire, thanks to the Jewish culinary tradition and some of its ritual dishes – as the ‘Jewish Artichoke, prepared on the occasion of Yom Kippur. Finally, the Tuscan cuisine – born from the Etrscan heritage and from the fantasy of the House of Medici – that has its roots in human work (starting from the olive oil), in the countryside and in the woods, from its fruits to the wild game.

Between the Restaurant and the Roof, both ready to welcome non-resident guests also, a truly unforgettable experience. Including the sound of the Bell Tower next to us, every day at noon. Including the evenings lights, to make every bite or sip a fairytale moment.