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Eitch-Borromini-Roma-privacyУважение к конфиденциальности

Masterpieces within a masterpiece

Rome, Navona Square. Transformed from an antique Stadium to an Art work. By the Pamphilj family, to which Pope Innocenzo X belonged, and by the two rival geniuses – Borromini and Bernini. The first one will build the Sant’Agnese in Agone Church, ment as a private chapel, and the Pamphilj Mansion, thought of as both family’s residence and place for the priestly formation of its members: the Collegio Innocenziano, which today houses Eitch. The second one will create the Four Rivers’ Fountain and frescoe the College’s fourth floor, like in a “dialogue in time” between giants.
And, now, let’s go in.

The course
Our entrance hall and the fourth floor spaces are dedicated to the “Borromini Art Gallery”. Which houses both a permanent collection – open for sale - of finds belonging to the building, found during the rennovation or recovered from Via dei Coronari famous antique dealers, and temporary exhibitions of contemporary Art. A walk between masterpieces within a masterpiece, ending in the incredible spaces of Gallery’s Restaurant: the “Borromini Terrace”, where you can travel through the Roman and Italian flavours - the gaze on the Navona Square. Then reaching our Roof Top, one of the most beautiful ones in the whole Eternal City, to enjoy the view of the Roman skyline from Pantheon’s to Saint Peter’s Dome.
“The Great Beauty” indeed.

The temporary exhibitions
The Borromini Art Gallery opens in 2017 with a “bridge” between antique and contemporary Art: sixty works by five artists of the national scene in a cutting-edge setup, in which seventeenth- century corridors and rooms act as a frame for modern paintings, sculptures, photographs and mosaics. For lovers, we are talking about Angelica Romeo, Chicca Savino, Francesca Merola, Marco Girolami and Quirino Cipolla, in an exhibition curated by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia.
In 2018, the Gallery houses two great artists in opposite searches of perfect Art – Andrea Pinchi and Paolo Vannuccini. Pinchi explores the outside, through different and recycled materials, giving life to placs, journeys and visions with materials, volumes and threads coming together. Vannuccini tells the inside, on canvas and with spatula and brush – even by making tick human figures, like “passing” the work to go beyond and further its borders. Once passed the pandemic crisi year, in 2021 it’s the turn of Giovanni Tommasi Ferroni, Claudio Sciascia e Giulio Galgani works – inspired by Magical Realism, Metaphysics and Surrealism -, of Sandro Bellomo (street artist by choice, with an almost Cubist research of faces) and of Massimo Catalani, the eclectic who “reinvents” the Avant-guarde.
In 2022, the artists hosted by our Borromini Art Gallery are Francesco Zavattari and Carlo Baldessari. The first one – painter, designer, theater director and photographer, known for his color study (“Color State of Mind”) and the series of works againts violence on women (“My Art is Female”). An artist who, early 2022, counted more than forty personal exhibitions, two theatrical directions, twentyseven Countries reached in four Continents and more than five hundred international publications. The second one, “the Glass Wizard”, in demand all over the world. Using fragments of tempered glass and crystal – recovered from Murano’s furnaces – to create amber colored lamps, jewels, furnishing objects and mirrors with iridescent frames. In other words, illuminated sculptures inspired by Nature.

All you have to do is call and add this wonderful place to your next journey. Destination Eitch Borromini, Navona Square, Rome.