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Eitch-Borromini-Roma-privacyУважение к конфиденциальности

Best roman views

Be it fleeting visits or stays, business meetings or romantic dates, artist inspirations or scenes for a film, one of the things not to be missed in Rome… is Rome. Withs its domes, monuments and terraces. Especially at sunset. Unmistakable silhouettes under an exceptional light, giving an emotion that no photograph can ever replace.
Where to go in order to fully experience ethis emotion? Let’s find out, starting right from Eitch.

Our Rooftop
Our Clients and touristic giudes call it ‘The Great Beauty’, in reference to the very famous and highly rewarded film by Paolo Sorrentino. And it really is. Already from our Art Gallery’s “Borromini Terrace” Restaurant below and from some of our rooms, guests can admire the Navona Square from a different persepctive. But the top floor, nestled between the Bell tower and the dome of Sant’Agnese in Agone Church, allows to embrace with the gaze all the Eternal City – from Pantheon to Saint Peter and beyond.
An unique view, which from 6:30 in the evening onwards goes very well with an aperitif or an after dinner drink. Better if booked: said with humility but also with pride, the word about the ‘Great Beauty’ got out…

The unmissable five
One can, of course, climb to the top of the Altar of the Fatherland in the nearby Venezia Square or walk up the spiral staircase of the equally close Saint Peter’s Dome, from which to look at the whole City while walking slowly on a very small circular balcony. Yet certain perspectives are special. In the hearts of the Romans.
The first is definitely Gianicolo, become over time a memorial to the Risorgimento. With a tree-lined walk leading to one of the most suggestive panoramas of all and a cannon shot each day at noon – tuning all bell times of all churches since 1846.
On the opposite site of the Tiber, on the Aventino, there is the Garden of Orange Trees – one of the most beautiful places in Rome, even if less known, and a second panorama to reach in time for sunset. (Once the visit is over, a few steps from the Garden there is a very famous doorway with a very particular keywhole: find it and look through, because what you see from there… is the most amazing “postcard” of Saint Peter’s Basilique).
The third one – at the highest point of Rome, on the top of Monte Mario – is for the most romantic among you: the terrace of the historic restaurant ‘The Zodiac’, known also as come “lovers driveway”. An incredible view from the Old Town to the Roman Castles, for almost seventy years a witness of love stories, marriage proposals and returns together with children and granchildren. Unfortunately the restaurant is no longer there anymore but the view point worths the effort to reach one of the places that Romans love most.
Nearby Venezia Square instead, three the perspectives given by the Capitol. The first two, form the right and from the left of the Senatorial Palace, offer a view on Forums – thus on temples, squares, columns and arches of ancient Rome. But is the terrace of the Capitoline Museum Coffee Bar, little known and reachable even without visiting the exhibitions, the real breathtaking view.
And how to resist the Pincio terrace, immersed in the Villa Borghese Park, and its - marvelous - view of Piazza del Popolo and beyond…

Unmistakable shapes under the sunset light. In the City of Seven Hills, of terraces and Rooftops.
“The Great Beauty”, precisely.