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Discovering the most famous christmas market

Navona Square: the artwork which our Eitch overlooks and the favorite location of Literature and Cinema lovers from all over the world. From December the 8th to January the 6th, the fairy place where to turn as a child between lights, sweets and the magic of winter celebrations. A much loved and much special market among the works of Borromini and Bernini, that we are now going to explore.

History of a tradition
Since the end of the 19th century, people come to Navona Square to buy Christmas trees and decorations and what is need to make Nativity scenes at home: scent of resin and musk, together with that of the candy apples.
Then, for a long period of time, the market loses its authenticity and its artisanal creativity to objects and products already packaged and “globalized”, that have nothing to do neither with the Christian festivity or Santa Claus, nor with Befana – feast of the Epiphany, that “takes away” all celebrations.
In 2011, of the families traditional stalls who gave birth to the market there are only three left. There are those who in this Square are born and raised, as the two sisters of stall 52 – the oldest one – and who have been here “only” 60 years. There are those who work with the oldest Nativity scenes artisans and who sells something else, no longer in terracotta or papier-mâché but in plastic.
Finally in 2022, after three years of painful interruption and for the happinness of all Romans of all ages, the market returns to be what it always was: a truly magical place, of evident Nordic inspiration but Christian, Franciscan and Italian artisan tradition. A happy cultural union, to simply open all hearts to Joy.

The market
Today, in Navona Square one can find decorations for the trees, the houses and the tables, artisan sweets and gastronomic delights, toys and storic games, fairy tales or Italian Art Commedy characters, street artista and – sometimes – puppet theaters made by master craftsmen for generations, able to create your desired ones before your eyes.
Protagonists – the tree set up in the Square, the Nativity scenes and the Befana. The first one, coming December 9th, this year will see a dedicated area where children from Roman schools will have the possibility to create drawings or objects on the topic of peace, to be hung on the branches or to be exhibited for the enitre duration of the celebration. The second ones, traditional since the first Nativity representation made by Saint Francis, will be there both for being admired and enrich with their characters or scenography elements the scenes that families create every year in their homes. The third one is an appointment with a figure, the Befana, much earlier than Santa Claus and linked to the moment when the Three Wise Men arrive with their gifts to Nazareth: the Epiphany, thus the manifestation of divinity.
A much attended event, especially by children, who in the traditional sock will find sweets, dried fruits and little gifts if they have been nice but also a piece of charcoal – historically real, later just black and made of sugar - if during the closing year they have been naughty.
All that remains is to book your stay at Eitch for a magical show. To be lived among the stalls or to be admired from above, especially in the evenings, from our equally magical terrace.